Special Talk: Technical Developments in Glazing for Friable and Fragile Collections
特別演講: 用於保護脆弱與易碎藏品的玻璃的技術發展
Julie Heath
朱莉. 希斯

Tru Vue is the leader and innovator of high-performance glass and acrylic that enhances and protects collections around the world. Optium® Acrylic Glazing is a modern alternative to conventional glazing materials used for framing and display applications. It combines the best qualities of low reflection safety glass and UV-filtering acrylic – low-reflection, anti-static, UV protection, light weight, and abrasion resistance - in one product. The result is virtually invisible glazing that provides an optimal viewing experience and long-lasting protection. That’s why museums around the world trust their most valuable and historic collections to Optium® Acrylic Glazing.

Julie Heath, Museum Market Manager & Conservation Liason, Tru Vue

Julie Heath, Tru Vue’s museum and conservation liaison, brings extensive experience working with conservators to her role of educating and supporting Optium® Acrylic Glazing. Julie is a resource for questions regarding technical properties, preservation framing issues, glazing for traveling exhibitions, permanent collections, and/or loans. Prior to her position with Tru Vue, Julie worked as the Conservation Coordinator for the Lunder Conservation Centre at the Smithsonian American Art Museum and National Portrait Gallery overseeing their outreach and interpretation program.” Email: jheath@tru-vue.com