Creating a Collection of Chinese Export Porcelain: Curation and Research at Nachang University Museum        


Chunming Yu, Nanchang University Museum 余春明, 南昌大学博物馆

 The talk will cover the list of subjects. (I) the founding of Nanchang University Museum and its collection. (II) research in cultural relics  of Jiangxi Province and investigation of their export routes and (III) project Plans for the next 3-5 years.

Some research projects will be outlined.  These include Plan 1. Build database of glaze of the porcelain in every 3-5 years from 18th Century. Data is from the museum’s exported Armorial porcelain. The research project will use this data to compare with the imperial porcelain collection of Jingdezhen Royal Kiln Museum from the 18th Century.  The museum is in Partnership with Jingdezhen specialists to reveal the original manufacture methods and process for 18-19 c Chinese export porcelain.

Plan 2. Build database of armorial and pictorial decoration of exported porcelains during Ming and Qing dynasties, (14th-19th Century), research the stories, content and meaning of these pictorial decoration (such as some pictures are from western painting, record important historic moment etc)

Plan 3. Hold a conference on exported porcelains every two years, the conference provides a knowledge exchange platform for Chinese and overseas experts of Chinese export porcelain.

Plan 4. Cooperate with School of Art and Humanity in research and teaching. The museum’s functions also include education and research.

Nanchang University Museum is opening to researchers and scholar from other institutions as well as assisting other museums/institutions in building their collection of Chinese exported porcelain.

Chunming Yu

Yu is professor in School of Art and Design at Nanchang University and visiting scholar at University of California, Los Angeles. He is also head of Nanchang University museum. Yu was born in 1955 in Nanchang, Jiangxi province. He was admitted to China Academy of Art in Huangzhou, one of the most prestigious art institutions in the country and majored in ceramic. Yu started collecting and researching in Chinese porcelain in 2001. Yu is also a professional painter.

His paintings gained nationwide recognition, and have been collected by Chinese National Museum of Fine Arts, Stanford University Art Spaces and many other art galleries and museums. Yu has edited and published more than ten monographs, including "China card -Chinese Ming and Qing export porcelain" and "Amazing - Qing Dynasty export porcelain exhibition at Nanchang University Museum," a monograph on Chinese export porcelain.