Chinese Visual Festival 2011--Lost in Transformation


30th June to 15th July 2011 at local venues in central London

With the 90th Anniversary of the Communist Party of China on 1st July this is time to take stock of life in China. 

Though a world superpower its people and artists are still in transition and this important festival of documentary film and photo art shows the ways this incredible nation are defining themselves.

The Chinese Visual Festival (www.chinesevisualfestival.org) is a twin art festival dedicated to promoting Chinese independent documentary making partnering 10 documentaries shown at Birkbeck College and London South Bank University with a video art and photographic exhibition at 17 Dorset Square, Marylebon.

Both exhibition and film tell untold stories with unknown faces looking at the life of children, economic recession, industrial work and the Chinese love of Shakespeare, featuring a generation who feel Lost in Transformation.  The exhibition joins the documentary films in presenting unique perspective and the images and videos talk back to the documentaries in agreeing or disagreeing voices.

The film theme consist of both shorts and feature length documentary films from the Guangzhou International Documentary Film Festival China, highlights include Zhu Chunguang film For the Love of Shakespeare, a film detailing a village school where six year olds learn Shakespeare’s sonnets by Confucius methods and Li Junhu’s Brave Father, a father/son film showing the determination of a peasant boy who gets to university only to be faced with hardship and unemployment.

The exhibition shows five photographers and video artists who use their cameras to reveal a mentality of feeling lost from a vast population in a fast changing society. Highlights include the work of Cao Fei’s, one of China’s most well known young artists who has shown at the Serpentine and Tate Liverpool and Adrian Fisk’s project iSpeak China, a work based on travelling throughout China asking  young people to write whatever they wanted on a of paper and then photographed them holding the paper with fascinating results. (Chinese Visual Festival Face Book Page:http://www.facebook.com/pages/Chinese-Visual-Festival/231489010199218)

Chinese Visual Festival: http://twitter.com/#!/CVF_2011

Catch the trailer at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4WlrJ1Ow93c


Festival credits

Organiser: China Cultural Connect

Partners:  RSP Planet Design Studios, Birkbeck College, Charing Cross Library, London Confucius Institute for Traditional Chinese Medicine, Guangzhou Documentary Association, Chinese Designer’s Region, CNEX, HAA

Catering Partners: Goldfish Restaurant(Tel: 020 7794 6238), Empress of Sichuan (Tel: 020 7734 8128) and Dumplings Legend(Tel: 020 7494 1200)

Curators:   Xuhua Zhan (Sylvia)    Jingjing Xie (Christina)

PR & Marketing: David Crombie   Si Si

Graphic Design: Yuling Deng

Website Design: Darin Higgs

Trailer Editor: Faisel Butt

Framing/Printing Material:  Communityviews