Speakers 2013 - China Culture Connect

  • Yang Danxia 楊丹霞

    The calligraphy of Xuan Ye, Emperor Kangxi, generally neglected in academic research, is usually treated as a supporting character instead of a star in the history of Chinese painting.

  • Andrew Bush 安德鲁. 布殊 & Emile de Bruijn 艾米爾.德. 布裡

    The National Trust looks after over 200 historic houses in England, Wales and Northern Ireland. Some of these houses contain Chinese wallpaper which was imported and hung in the 18th and 19th centuries

  • Jing Gao 高竸 & Yi-Hsia Hsiao 萧依霞

    Facing is a process to protect the medium of silk painting from moving and damage during the backing removal. Traditionally use Tung oil paper with paste for Facing.

  • Minying Wang 王敏英 & Renate Nöller 雲妮. 諾勒爾

    The traditional craft of mural paintings for interior wall and ceiling decoration ‘Pengbi Hu Shi’ plays an important role in the conservation of old Chinese architecture.

  • Wenjuan Xu 徐文娟

    Chinese mounting techniques have developed over hundreds of years, and are one of the important reasons for the long preservation of ancient painting and calligraphic works.

  • Mee Jung Kim 金美靜

    Lining is a technique that consists in applying paper on the verso of a primary support and mounting materials such as paper, silk or others fabrics, with paste in order to reinforce it.

  • Gang Chen 陈刚

    Traditionally China developed the technique of making paper from hemp rag 2,000 years ago.Although papermaking materials and technique changed a lot of traditional Chinese paper is still used in painting and calligraphy today.

  • Roderick Whitfield 韋陀

    The forthcoming exhibition "Masterpieces of Chinese Painting 700-1900" (Victoria and Albert Museum, 26th October 2013 – 19th January 2014), with loans from twenty major museums in China, Japan...

  • Young Sook Pak 朴英淑

  • Kyoichi Itoh 伊藤京一

    The talk narrates the history and development of Japanese Folding Screens, and how painters paint on Japanese folding screens. It also tells why and how there are so many Japanese folding screens in West.