Speakers 2012 - China Culture Connect

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  • Ms Amy Miller – National Maritime Museum 艾米•米勒 – 国家海事博物馆

    The National Maritime Museum has recently acquired two examples of Chinese export porcelain, both from the early 18th century. The tankard is dated to c.1720, which is a key date...

  • Dr. Haiyan Huang & Mr Liaochuan Mu – Guangzhou Folk Art Museum 黄海妍博士 & 牟辽川馆长

    Originated from the late of Ming Dynasty to the early of Qing Dynasty, Shiwan Pottery Ridge Decoration flourished from 1850s to the early of 20th century.

  • Mr Humphrey Hui Humphrey Hui – Min Qiu Society, Hong Kong 许建勋 – 香港敏求精舍

    The subject of the talk is confined to Republic and contemporary porcelains (民國及近代瓷器) that embrace from faking the three Qing (清) dynasties of Kangxi (康熙), Yongzheng (雍正) and Qianlong (乾隆), to early Republic works and down to the national recognized masters of present day.

  • Ms Kate Newnham – Bristol Museum and Art Gallery 凯特•纽南 – 布里斯托博物馆及城市美术馆

    Bristol Museum has a collection of about 300 pieces of Chinese glass, the majority of which were acquired in 1950 from the late Mr H.R. Burrows Abbey with the aid of the National Art-Collections Fund.

  • Professor Chunming Yu 余春明

    YUCHUNMING is professor in School of Art and Design at Nanchang University and visiting scholar at University of California, Los Angeles. He is alsohead of Nanchang University museum. Yu was born in 1955 in Nanchang, Jiangxi province. He was admitted to China Academy of Art in Huangzhou, one of the most prestigious art institutions in the country, and majored in ceramic. Yu started collecting and researching in Chinese porcelain in 2001.

  • Ms Penny Bendall – Fitzwilliam Museum of the University of Cambridge 潘妮•班德尔 – 剑桥大学费斯威廉博物馆

    Penny Bendall is a Ceramic Conservator with extensive experience in both the commercial and museum world. Since leaving West Dean College, her clients include The Royal Collection, Historic Royal Palaces, The Fitzwilliam Museum, Eskenazi Ltd, Sotheby’s and Christies.