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Nu                                                        Director: Cao Fei, 69minutes

Despite all the shared experiences on this journey, embarked upon by the three in a bid to vanish from their cities, the fervour and energy they had partaken of will gradually fade away with the passing of time. They had managed to make their way to their final destination together, and at the point of arrival, their wishes had also come to an end. Now, each of them has rematerialized back in their respective cities. Yet they can clearly remember the trip they had taken together, their youthful and resolute obstinacy. From time to time, they are stricken by a sudden flash of doubt which inflicts them with a temporary sense of helplessness. How many times do we get to experience something like this in this life?


For the Love of Shakespeare          Director: Zhu Chunguang, 52minutes

Childrens’ education in China starts with reciting the classic pieces of Confucius. Nowadays, more Chinese children are starting to learn English so when these two educational strands join children use this ancient study method to help them recite the poems of Shakespeare in a foreign language – English.

Tide                                                     Director: Yao Songping, 10 minutes

In January 2008, close to the China’s traditional Spring Festival. Billions of Chinese went home to reunite with their family in the most important Chinese festival. However, they met the coldest winter in 100 years’ record.


My 4-Fen Land                                  Director: Yan Fei, 5 minutes

Economic crisis’ are made of money and financial games. But for self sufficient peasants who own a small piece of land the lives are as hard as ever and our financial crunch is just a notion.


View Point                                          Director: Ma Fangfang, 9 minutes

With the gradual recovery of world economy and measures that increase domestic demand to stimulate economic growth many enterprises in Yiwu, China are rapidly reviving. Orders have increased dramatically so many companies are in a desperate need for workers.


Patent Wars                Director: Long Miaoyuan, 10 minutes

DAHON is the world’s biggest manufacturer and seller of folding bikes. Despite the economic downturn their business is still growing but at a slower rate, nevertheless because DAHON invests in R&D they maintain their industrial leadership.


Water and Land                                       Director: Huang Cong, 10 minutes

Ru is a 17 year-old girl living in a fishing village. In order to alleviate the burden of her parents, who are working in Zhuhai, she discontinues her study and leaves the fishing village to go to Guangzhou to look for a job.


Kindergarten                                             Director: Zhang Yiqing, 69 minutes

This film is an intimate portrait of childhood. Shot over 14 months the film records the everyday lives of children at a boarding kindergarten in Wuhan, Hubei Province.


Mask Changing- A Letter to Antonioni              Director: Pan Jun   52 minutes

People have already forgotten the political storm which arose from the documentary, "China" produced by the film master Michelangelo Antonioni in 1972. Today, when we pursue the tracks in China that the film master had visited 30 years ago, we cannot restrain the temptation to ask a series of questions.


Brave Father                                                      Director: Li Junhu, 50 minutes

In 2002, Han Peiyin’s son Shengli was accepted in a university, and arrived in the city of Xi’an from his rural home.  To pay for Shengli’s living expense and tuition, the Han family sold off all valuable things in his home and came to work in Xi’an to make money. Though a life-long peasant, Han firmly believed knowledge had the power to change destinies and expects his son to be successful.