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  • Guest directors Jia Zhangke and Pema Tseden
  • More than 40 cutting-edge films, including world and UK premieres
  • China Independent Film Festival 10th Anniversary event and guests
  • Wang Xin’s daily experimental art installation project The Gallery
  • Local filmmakers showcase, panel discussions and public lectures with key industry figures and academics, including Asian cinema expert Tony Rayns

The Chinese Visual Festival Jury Awards, presided by a team of industry and academic experts, will be announced in early May Chinese Visual Festival (CVF) is proud to announce its 2014 edition, which runs from May 7 th – 18th at King’s College London, with events also being held at Riverside Studios in collaboration with DocHouse.

For 2014, the festival is thrilled to welcome two of the most important filmmakers in modern independent Chinese language cinema, Jia Zhangke and Pema Tseden. In addition to a preview of his latest work, the award winning A Touch of Sin at the BFI, Jia will also host a very special screening session at King’s of his rarely seen short films. Acclaimed Tibetan director Pema Tseden opens the festival with Old Dog, as well as screening his other works and taking part in panel discussion sessions on Tibetan Culture and filmmaking. CVF is also delighted to be collaborating with Newcastle University in holding a celebration of ten years of the China Independent Film Festival (CIFF), one of the most vital and enduring Chinese language film events. To help mark this remarkable anniversary, CVF will be hosting a special animation session, as well as welcoming CIFF’s Cao Kai and Zhang Xianmin for what promises to be a fascinating panel discussion.

Now in its fourth year, CVF has significantly expanded to include the very best in Chinese language independent fiction as well as documentary, art and experimental cinema. The 40+ films screened this year cover a fantastic range of contemporary themes, genres and issues, from mainland Chinese gangsters in Burned Wings and E Huang Mountain to humanist Taiwanese documentaries such as A Rolling Stone and creative experimental cinema in Deformity Sci-Fi and Kun 13: Criticising Ai Weiwei and Wu Haohao.

As usual, CVF guests will be joined by a rich variety of leading academics and key figures in the film industry and related social studies, who will take part in Q&A sessions as well as a program of talks and symposiums, making the festival a lively forum for discussion and debate. This year, audiences will also have the chance to attend sessions with noted writer, commentator, film festival programmer and screenwriter Tony Rayns, who will be presenting The Secret History of Independent Chinese Films.

By highlighting creativity in both art and film, CVF this year offers something a little different to the usual art exhibition with artist Wang Xin presenting in person her installation The Gallery, which transforms the Anatomy Museum of King’s College Strand Campus into a space for ephemeral art. Up to three of 23 projects will be shown each day, and within the “walls” of the gallery the possibilities are endless - an artist can create a gallery within a gallery, a stage for performance, a café, a creative workshop, a cinema, or even a space for meditation. Through the use of social media and video conferencing, the interactive installation will become a hub of creative exchanges between cities around the world and an ephemeral festival for artists and audiences, local and global.

Festival Director James Mudge commented: “It’s great to be back at King’s again, and this year’s Chinese Visual Festival promises to be the biggest and most varied yet. It’s exciting to see the way people are continuing to respond to and engage with our efforts to bring Chinese language independent cinema to the UK, and we’re thrilled that our audience is continuing to grow. We’re delighted to be able to work with top guests like Jia Zhangke, Pema Tseden and Wang Xin, and I’m also very pleased by the fact that we’ve managed to attract such a strong line-up of films this year, particularly through our expansion into indie fiction”.

The full 2014 Chinese Visual Festival schedule will be announced in early April, with tickets on sale shortly afterwards.

Details are available on the Chinese Visual Festival website:

Exhibition details are available on the Cultural Institute at King’s web pages:

Press Enquiries: For Chinese Visual Festival, press passes and interviews: James Mudge (English language PR) at, 07841038086 or Rachel Zhu (Chinese language PR) at

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2014 华语视像艺术节:即将启动

  • 客座导演:贾樟柯和万玛才旦
  • 超过 40 部新锐影片的世界或英国首映
  • 中国独立影像年度展 10 周年特别活动和嘉宾
  • 王欣的实验艺术装置项目《这个画廊》
  • 本地电影人作品展示,汇集包括亚洲电影研究学者 Tony Rayns 在内的专家讨论会和讲座
  • 五月上旬即将公布由多名业内专家、学者评选出的华语视像艺术节评审团奖

第四届华语视像艺术节(CVF)将于 2014 年 5 月 7-18 日举行,除了主活动场地伦敦大学国王学院外, 2014 年的活动还将延展到 Riverside Studios(与 DocHouse 合作)。

本年度,艺术节很荣幸地邀请到贾樟柯和万玛才旦——两位中国独立华语影坛的重量级人物共襄盛举。 贾樟柯不仅为英国观众带来了他的最新获奖作品——即将在 BFI 放映的《天注定》,也将亲临伦敦大 学国王学院主持个人短片作品放映会。藏族导演万玛才旦的《老狗》获选为本届艺术节影像部分的开 幕影片,他的其他作品也将在艺术节期间亮相,万玛还将积极参与到西藏文化和电影创作等话题的讨 论会中。

为了庆祝中国独立影像年度展这一华语世界里影响力最深远的电影活动的 10 周岁生日,CVF 和纽卡 斯尔大学将在艺术节期间携手开展特别活动,带来首次动画作品展映,并邀请到中国独立影像年度展 的曹恺和张献民参与到讨论会等公众项目中来。

迈入第四个年头的华语视像艺术节已成功地将版图扩展到华语世界最好的独立剧情片、纪录片、当代 艺术和实验影像。入选本年度影像部分的 40 余部作品涵盖了丰富的当代题材、体裁和话题,从中国 式黑帮电影《南风》和《鹅凰嶂逸事》,充满人文精神的台湾纪录片《筑巢人》,到实验创意影像 《残废科幻》和《昆十三:批判艾未未与吴昊昊》,更多元化多面向得呈现华语世界的社会风貌。

和以往不变的是,CVF 将邀请到多位来自电影行业和相关社会学科的权威学者和指标性人物出席放映 后的问答环节、讲座和讨论中,力图透过艺术节促成开放的公众平台。本年度,观众将和集知名作家、 评论家、电影节策展人和编剧多重身份为一身的 Tony Rayns 面对面。Rayns 将举行《中国独立电影 的秘密历史》讲座。

不拘于艺术和电影等表现形式来呈现最真实的华语世界,向来是 CVF 的特色。2014 年的艺术环节将 为大家带来艺术家王欣的实验装置项目《这个画廊》,将伦敦大学国王学院 Strand 校区内古老的 Anatomy Museum 完美变身为“临时”艺术空间。23 个艺术项目将接连在这里展示,将“画廊”空间内无 限的可能性最大程度凸显出来——在“画廊”里,艺术家可以再创造一座画廊,一个表演的舞台,一座 咖啡馆,一个创意工作坊,一间电影院,甚至可能是一个冥想的空间。利用社交网络和视频会议等途 径,互动性极强的《这个画廊》旨在成为创意的集市和枢纽,在城市与城市,艺术家和观众,伦敦和 世界间形成脑力激荡。

艺术节总监 James Mudge 表示:“华语视像艺术节很高兴 2014 年再次和伦敦大学国王学院合作,我 们有信心今年的艺术节将是历年来规模最大、最多元化的视觉飨宴。借由一次又一次的活动,感受到 越多越多的本地观众对华语独立影像持续的关注、参与和回馈是一件非常欣慰的事情。2014 年,我 们非常荣幸能邀请到贾樟柯、万玛才旦和王欣等嘉宾亲临现场,也非常自豪艺术节吸引到了如此强大 的参展影片阵容,并把触角扩展到了独立剧情片的领域。”

2014 年华语视像艺术节的完整活动表将于 4 月中上旬正式公布,并开始网络售票。




如须参与活动或预约采访,请联系:James Mudge(英文媒体), 07841038086 或者祝蕾(中文媒体)

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2014 The Gallery

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