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Chinese Visual Festival (CVF) is proud to announce its 2015 program, which runs from May 7 th – 22nd at King’s College London, with events also being held at the British Film Institute (BFI) Southbank, Bertha DocHouse and Chelsea College of Arts. For its fifth edition, the festival is thrilled to welcome to London some of the most exciting directors currently working in Chinese language cinema, showcasing documentary, fiction and experimental video art from Mainland China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore and beyond.

Program Highlights:

  • Guest artists Zhang Peili, the father of Chinese Video Art, Wu Xiaohai and Rao Yifan
  • Guest directors Gu Tao, Yee Chih-Yen, Singing Chen, Chiayun Wu and Shen Xin
  • More than 40 cutting-edge films, including world and UK premieres
  • Vision Taiwan strand, featuring the best in Taiwanese independent cinema
  • Panel discussions and sessions on queer cinema, Hong Kong Urban Diary and more
  • UK tour, including Newcastle, Nottingham and Sussex Universities

The festival opens with director Gu Tao presenting his documentary The Last Moose of Aoluguya, an award winning film exploring dying tradition and the fate of ethnic minority groups in modern China. Gu Tao will be in London for the first weekend of the festival, screening his latest work Lost Mountain at the BFI Southbank as well as taking part in what promises to be a fascinating panel discussion session on the controversies of ethnographic film making.

CVF is delighted to again be collaborating with the Taiwan Ministry of Culture on our regular Vision Taiwan strand, featuring the very best in independent Taiwanese cinema, covering a wide range of films by exciting and talented directors. This year, CVF is bringing London audiences a series of Taiwanese premieres, including director Singing Chen screening her documentary Mountain Spirits at DocHouse, Chiayun Wu presenting The Farewell, and Yee Chih-Yen attending our grand closing ceremony with his award winning Meeting Dr. Sun.

Highlighting creativity in both art and film, CVF this year is honoured to welcome to London Zhang Peili, originator of the video art form in China. Now world-renowned and the professor of School of Inter- Media Art at the Chinese Academy of Art and director of OCAT Shanghai, Zhang presents extracts from his single channel video art and video installations in conversation with Prof. Chris Berry (KCL) and CVF’s curator Sylvia Zhan Xuhua as part of the BFI’s Essential Experiments series. The Essential Experiments program will also introduce the Chinese video art movement from 2000 to 2015, ranging from highly cinematic work by Wang Gongxin, Yang Zhenzhong, Kan Xuan, Yang Fudong and Jiang Zhi through to animations by Sun Xun, Lu Yang and Wu Xiaohai.


Other 2015 highlights include Zhou Hao’s Golden Horse Award winning documentary Cotton, Queer Cinema, Queer China, an evening celebrating the growing Chinese language LGBT film scene, Urban Diary from Hong Kong, an afternoon of socially aware documentaries charting the changing face of the territory, and the controversial Singaporean documentary The Naked DJ presented in association with Asia Projector. As usual, CVF guests will be joined by a rich variety of leading academics and key figures in the documentary film industry and related social studies, who will take part in Q&A sessions as well as a program of talks and symposiums, making the festival a lively forum for discussion and debate.

Festival Director James Mudge commented: “It’s great to be back for our fifth year, marking a real milestone for the festival. We’ve continued to grow and grow, and it’s been incredibly gratifying to see audiences responding so well to our efforts in bringing independent Chinese language cinema to London and now the rest of the UK. The festival has so many highlights this year, but I’m personally very excited by having the chance to screen Gu Tao’s fantastic documentaries and the works of Zhang Peili, and by our Vision Taiwan line-up, which includes a truly amazing variety of creative works, Mountain Spirits and Meeting Dr. Sun in particular - having Gu Tao, Zhang Peili, Singing Chen and Yee Chih-Yen all coming to London is a real coup for the festival and a sure sign that we’re going from strength to strength”.

The full festival schedule and tickets are available on the Chinese Visual Festival website:

The Chinese Visual Festival Jury Awards, presided by a team of industry and academic experts, will be announced in early May.

Note to Editors:

Chinese Visual Festival (CVF) has been bringing the best in contemporary Chinese language film and art since 2011, having worked in the past with a long list of distinguished artists and directors including Jia Zhangke, Pema Tseden, Wu Wuna, Zhou Hao, Cao Fei and others. The festival has been hosted by Kings College London, one of the world's leading research and teaching universities based in the heart of London, for several years now, with other events being regularly held at the BFI Southbank, the leading repertory cinema in the UK, specialising in seasons of classic, independent and non-English language films and is operated by the British Film Institute, and at the newly opened Bertha DocHouse, the UK's first cinema dedicated solely to documentary films and events. Vision Taiwan is funded by the Taiwanese Ministry of Culture.

Press Enquiries:

For Chinese Visual Festival press passes and interviews: James Mudge (English language PR) at, 07841038086 or Elaine Wong (Chinese language PR) at

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即将启动 第五届华语视像艺术节正式公布入选片目及活动排期。本届艺术节将于 2015 年 5 月 7 日至 22 日在 伦敦举行,主会场仍设在市中心的伦敦大学国王学院,其它外延场地包括:英国国家电影机构南岸中 心(BFI Southbank),贝莎纪录片之家(Bertha DocHouse)和切尔西艺术学院(Chelsea College of Arts)。今年我们将再次呈现给英国观众全球华语世界最先锋的当下影片与艺术,并邀请众多导演 和艺术家云集伦敦与观众见面交流。


  • 客座艺术家:“中国录像艺术之父”张培力、吴啸海、饶一帆  客座导演:顾桃、陈芯宜、易智言、吴家昀、沈莘
  • 四十多部来自全球的华语影片英国首映
  • “台湾视野”集中展现台湾的独立制片
  • 首度推出“华语酷儿电影”、“香港城市日记”等特别策划论坛
  • 首度英国巡展,巡展地点包括:纽卡斯尔、诺丁汉和苏萨克斯大学

艺术节将以中国导演顾桃的作品《犴达罕》开幕。本片获第二届凤凰视频最佳纪录长片大奖和 2014 年 第 38 届香港国际电影节评委会大奖等多个奖项,探讨了当下中国少数民族的生存状态与命运。顾桃的新 片《乌鲁布铁》将在英国国家电影机构南岸中心展映,导演本人将亲临放映现场与观众交流。我们还将邀 请顾桃与学者们一起探讨他的作品和中国民族志影片的创作。

本届艺术节再度与驻英代表处文化组协作推出“台湾视野”单元,给伦敦观众们带来一系列最新台湾 优秀作品。其中包括将在纪录片之家播映的陈芯宜导演的纪录片《山灵》和吴家昀导演的《走浪人》。 艺术节将以易智言导演刚刚获得台湾金马奖最佳原创剧本的《行动代号:孙中山》闭幕。

华语视像艺术节致力于推广华人艺术与创意,今年我们非常荣幸地邀请到中国录像艺术的先锋张培力 亲临伦敦参加。蜚声全球的张培力现任中国美术学院跨媒体学院教授,及上海 OCTC 馆长。本届艺 术节上,他将在英国国家电影机构的“必需的实验”系列中展示他的经典单屏作品,并对话国王学院 裴开瑞教授与华语视像艺术节艺术策展湛旭华。“必需的实验”系列还将推出中国本世纪以来录像艺 术的主要代表作品,包括了从王功新、杨振中、阚萱、杨福东和蒋志等艺术家运用电影技术和语言创 作的作品,到孙逊、陆扬和吴啸海的动画创作。

本届华语视像艺术节其它看点还有:周浩导演刚刚获得台北金马奖最佳纪录片的力作《棉花》;中国 近年来涌现的性别关注题材作品,“酷儿电影,酷儿中国”的特别放映及论坛;追寻香港城市面貌变 化的《城市日记》系列;以及与亚洲放映计划联合推出的《光身 DJ》,影片讲述了极具争议的艺术 人物克裏斯▪何在新加坡这样一个经济繁荣文化压抑的城邦国里的抗争。艺术节期间还将举办各种相 关论坛及讨论,由到访嘉宾和本地学者专家们一起与观众互动交流,使艺术节始终保持着高度的观众 互动性和参与性。

艺术节总监战士(James Mudge)说:“ 今年是我们的五周年纪念,也是艺术节发展的一个重要里 程碑。艺术节不断成长,伦敦和乃至全英国观众对华语影片及艺术的热情一直是我们莫大的鼓励。今 年艺术节非常精彩,我个人最高兴的是能把优秀的顾桃系列纪录片和张培力的作品带到英国,以及今 年精彩纷呈的‘台湾视野’单元,特别是台湾的最新力作《山灵》和《行动代号:孙中山》。能邀请 到张培力、顾桃、陈芯宜和易智言等如此有分量嘉宾的参与,无疑是艺术节越来越有朝气活力的体 现”。



编辑注: 华语视像艺术节 (CVF)于 2011 年在英国伦敦创立,致力于推广全球华语影片与当代艺术。艺术节曾 邀请过众多著名导演及艺术家参加,包括贾樟柯、万玛才旦、吴汰紝、周浩、曹斐等。艺术节的主办 方为伦敦大学国王学院,该位于伦敦市中心的大学是全球顶尖的研究教育高等学府。近年来艺术节还 与英国最权威的电影机构,英国国家电影机构合作,在其南岸中心推出系列放映。南岸中心是英国专 注推广经典、独立和非英语影片的电影发烧友圣地。艺术节的常规合作伙伴还有贝莎纪录片之家,英 国首个专门推广纪录片及相关活动的组织。“台湾视野”由驻英代表处文化组赞助推出。

媒体联络: 中文媒体代表证和艺术节客座嘉宾采访,请联络: Elaine Wong@

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