Speakers 2011 - China Culture Connect

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  • Julie Heath

    Special Talk: Technical Developments in Glazing for Friable and Fragile Collections 特別演講: 用於保護脆弱與易碎藏品的玻璃的技術發展 Julie Heath 朱莉. 希斯 Tru Vue is the leader and innovator of high

  • John McAleer

    Exhibition Introduction: Traders: The East India Company and Asia 展覧介紹:“貿易商:東印度公司與亞洲” John McAleer 約翰.麥愛楽 The new NMM exhibition Traders: the East India Company and Asia

  • Sidney Berger

    The Coming of Asian Papers to America 亞洲紙引進美國 Sidney Berger 西德尼.博格 The impact that paper has had on the world is inestimable. Equally incalculable is the impact that Japanese paper

  • Birthe Christensen

    Conservation and preparation of objects for the Traders Gallery, National Maritime Museum, Greenwich 格林威治大英國家海事博物館,貿易史展館展品的修复与准备 Birthe Christensen 貝丝.克麗斯滕森

  • Susan Catcher

    Funori, a Consolidation Method for Chinese Wallpapers 海藻膠,一種加固中國牆紙的方法 Susan Catcher 蘇珊. 卡切爾 In 2002, the Victoria and Albert Museum acquired a set of four panels of Chinese

  • Agnieszka Helman-Ważny

    Origins and Typology of Paper in Chinese and Tibetan Manuscripts from Dunhuang 敦煌藏品中國和西藏手稿紙張的起源與類型學 Agnieszka Helman-Ważny 阿格麗斯卡. 賀文-華斯尼 The famous manuscripts preserved

  • Helen Loveday

    The Papermaker’s Mould in Middle-Eastern Papermaking: An Aid for the Classification of Papers 認識中東製紙人的模具:對紙張分類的幫助 Helen Loveday 海倫.樂芙蒂 The introduction and

  • Megumi Mizumura

    Japanese Paper for Art and Conservation 用於藝術與修復的日本紙 Megumi Mizumura 水村惠 Three types of fibres, kozo, mitsumata and gampi, are well known in Japanese papermaking.

  • Ruth Prosser

    Chinese paintings on Pith – A Paper Conservator’s Approach 通草紙上的中國畫-一个紙類文物修復師的修復方法 Ruth Prosser 魯絲. 普瑟爾  Pith paper or ‘Rice Paper’ is cut from the inner pith of Tetrapanax

  • Minah Song

    Korean Paper, Hanji, its History, Techniques and Properties 高麗紙,漢紙,其歷史,制作技術与特性 Minah Song 宋旻娥 This research project presents the history of Korean paper, hanji, methods and